Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wandering Away

i wander...
there is a place somewhere,
a place where happiness belongs
with smiles galore and giggles unstiffled, 
it is a magical land
there is much beauty to behold, 
unlimited joys and laughter.

i wonder... 
this land that is yonder
will really hold the treasures unlimited for me.
wonderous mysterious lands to discover
where i meet faries and elves and talking trees.
candies and cream and bubbles
unbelievable joys it will unravel.

i wonder as i wander....

The Burnt Candle

A burnt candle.
How many have written about me
Tried to glorify me, my existence
Even glorify my end?
Sometimes I wonder
what an imagination to entice,
To embrace an end as gory as mine.
Would you, sir, the wondrous man of the world
Yes you sir, one who wrapped in such finery,
sits and watches with rapt attention my demise
Let me flutter, as do the wings of my beloved.
Let us dance together for one last time
before I singe her and darkness snuff me out.
Would you sir, make a pact with darkness
forever to spare some moments of my spent life?
Would it make sense to your undeniable intellect?
For, you would with ease light yet another one.
For me, this is the end.
End of a lifetime.
End of one chance.
End of a love story.
End as yet another burnt candle.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Musings of a restless soul

A pulsating truth adorns my being...
the truth that breaks the tranquility of my soul...
the same truth that provides my soul with the spark to ignite...
yet the very truth that burns through my existence...

I look for answers as the questions haunt me,
and right then when the answers are within my reach,
the questions change.
is it the fragility of my being that
each fluttering feather disturbs the tranquility of my soul?

And with each ripple, i fight more questions,
I seek the answers yet hidden from me....
and for all the reasons I absorb,
deeper tragidies are born and
I lose yet again some more of that madness....

Madness that formed the essence of my existence,
now getting lost in the burdens of that very existence,
those that rupture my meditations
leaving a stark truth clearer than ever before that
there is no truth...


Trudging along with
Lead laden feet
The Heart yields.
A heavy sigh
The wind blows away
A tear glistens
A whisper stays.
Locked hands
Sealed lips
A prayer wills to escape
Overpowering dejection
Silence prevails.
Closed doors
Eyes tight shut
Darkness crawls in
No escape.
A glance down the road
Bated breath
Dusk sets in
No footsteps
The silence prevails.
The glistening drop falls
Loneliness is complete.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Little Girl

today i met a little girl,
so hopeful and so happy..
today i met a little girl
oh she was so lovable and chirpy...
i thought i knew the little girl,
she sounded so familiar...
i thought i met the little girl
but that was  much earlier...
i wanted to talk to the little girl,
she smiled as she looked at me,
i thought i saw the little girl,
laugh at my life's irony...
i thought i heard the little girl,
teach me how to live...
i thought i felt the little girl,
did for all these years me forgive..
i thought i'd ask the little girl,
to tell me what it meant...
i thought she told me, that little girl,
she felt i should have lived...
i thought that the little girl,
did in the end show me the truth...
i thought i let the little girl,
show me that even realities are full of mirth...
i thought i'd escape the little girl,
so i left her before she could...
i thought i killed forever the little girl,
forgetting come back she would...
i thought i conjured the little girl,
for i never knew what i should...
i thought it was a lie, the little girl,
for it was me in my childhood...
there were those promises i made to the little girl,
there was a life to live...
the truth it was never mine,oh my dear girl
i gave more than i had to give...
i killed her for my love i did,
i killed her with my own bare hands...
i wrought her neck, i twisted it,
she lost, was my love so grand?
you would want me for manslaughter,
you would want me dead...
you wouldn't want to know what happened,
coz you wouldn't believe what you read...
i loved the little girl so much,
oh it hurt me it really did...
i killed the little girl myself,
before by others she was killed,
i don't blame, no not one for that
i did all of it decide...
the little girl that once had lived,
did truly in me reside...
a little girl, she was so naive,
she did in dreams believe...
she thought the world was what it seemed,
she did to each, all her give...
the little girl so bruised and hurt,
i just could not let her live...
and so i left the little girl,
please if you could, me forgive...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Life

A lifetime of hurt in her eyes,
A lifetime of pain, a life time of lies.
A lifetime that screams of betrayal,
A lifetime of dreams unreal.

A lifetime of promises unkept,
A lifetime of blows dealt.
A lifetime of vows broken,
A lifetime of words unspoken.

A lifetime filled with regret,
A lifetime of tears shed.
A lifetime of dreams shattered,
A lifetime of feelings battered.

A lifetime so unwanted,
A lifetime of ties unbonded.
A lifetime of pain, a life time of lies,
A lifetime of hurt in her eyes.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Fool's Confession

Dreams are but dreams...fickle minded imagination creating some very extraordinary bouts of hope...hope that the world is as simple as you see it...even when reality strikes with full force, a slap bang across the face, a wake up call you can't ignore....yet stupid stupid heart refuses to listen... there is so much pain, so much loss and yet it pays no heed.... there is no reason, no logic to such things..... As they say "heart does things for reasons, reason can't understand".........